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Gosia Orzechowska

Gosia Orzechowska Working on paintings or drawing of a human body was always of the greatest interest for the artist.
Her works attempt to canvas moods and emotions–representing thoughts and feelings embodied in women portraits.

The artist chooses to paint women because she can naturally identify herself with this subject.  The feminine view of the world, moods and emotions, physicality, gestures and poses they subconsciously assume familiarity and are the source of continuous inspiration for the artist.

Rather than focusing on symbols she encourages those emotions to surface in more subtle ways – employing subjects’ arrangements and poses, their gestures and immediate environment.  Image composition, dramaturgy of light and experimenting with color and media are all essential components of each painting’s atmosphere.

Gosia’s formal qualifications include five years of Fine Arts tertiary studies (Poland, 1989) as well as earning a Diploma in Graphic Design (Australia, 1998).

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Gosia’s last exhibition was at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre, Canberra












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