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Lynelle O’Flaherty

Lynelle O’Flaherty is diverse artist from our Canberra region.

A story teller and artist from very young, she has rarely been without a creative project. While at high school she established her first business, and soon had an enthusiastic clientele within the school toting her personally created satchels.

Lynelle has developLynelle Headshoted skills in cartooning, photography, calligraphy, illustration and graphic design. Sometimes via formal study under the tutelage of renowned artists such as Peter Moran and Deborah Perrow, whilst at other times expanding through commissions, publications and experience. More recently Lynelle has expanded into portraiture and in the use of watercolours through art mentoring by the esteemed Mei Li.

In 1992, inspired by a love of ‘working large’, including painting theater sets, Lynelle established her business “Dream Catchers – Murals for Children.” Her work appeared in private homes, child care centers, shops and several large commissions followed for a local community club. Lynelle’s final mural was completed in mid 1995 when, at 30 weeks pregnant, she climbed down the ladder and declared ‘enough!’. Since then she has focused on smaller projects, including a series of greeting cards depicting the beautiful orchids growing wild in Canberra’s bushland reserves.

In 2007, Lynelle finally accepted her place at university, to study writing, her other creative love. Lynelle writes stories for children, and writes tales about children for adults. She has had two works published and has self published a collection of short stories. She has also completed a novel for young adults and has another two underway, one of which is a new form of graphic novel. Lynelle has agreed to extend her contract with international author Rosemary Whittaker to include the illustrations for further nine books in her popular Pom Pom series for children.

She has a waiting list for private commissions and her work is held in private collections in Australia, Italy and Denmark. She has exhibited in Queanbeyan, Braidwood, the Canberra Times Outdoor Art Show, the Radford Art Show, and the Canberra Orchid Society annual show. 2015 saw her exhibiting a selection of Miniature Art at Wilbur’s Cafe Gallery in Hackett, Canberra.

A Grand Entrance             Karlu Karlu2

Karlu Karlu







Grand Entrance $320


Venice-Back AlleyVenice Back Alley $350









Shanghai Garden SOLD


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