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About Me…

I graduated from COFA with BA Art Education and have been practising as a professional artist for the last 18 years exhibiting throughout NSW, ACT and Qld.

I have been involved with many group shows as well as having 14 very successful Solo exhibitions during this time. I live and work on our sheep and wool property near Jugiong, NSW and create works based on my surroundings and also what’s ‘bouncing’ around in my head! We have 4 children and I feel it is wonderful for them to be bought up in such a creative environment.

My aim is to create an emotion in the viewer, mostly a smile or laugh and just make them feel good. My works are happy and bright and from the heart. I make it part of my daily practise to create either by painting, drawing or printing my etchings and this makes for on the most part a great day! Last year I have also ventured into laser cut sculptures, which has been a lot of fun!

I donate works each year to charities and I feel this is an important way to give back in some way and help the less fortunate.

At the moment I sell through local cafes/wineries and social media. For me social media has been such a fantastic device for exposing my works because I work in isolation on our property it is wonderful to get so much feedback from all over the world and to make that connection with other artists. I have self published and illustrated 2 books, “25 Ways to Awaken your Birth Power” and “25 Ways to Joy and Inner Peace for Mothers” and have just recently self published a coffee table book of collaboration works titles “Over 2 U”.

For me my art and creating is such an important part of who I am and I feel so lucky to bring part of this into people’s lives. Please contact me if you wish to come and visit my studio and we can organise an appointment! Love Steph xx

Currently exhibited at the 39Steps Cafe at the O’Connor Shops in Canberra’s North — “Letting the Light in,” is Stephanie’s 15th Solo Exhibition.

Welcome to the April Sale Specials — 10% off all art works from this exhibition!

“Garden pleasure and the treasures you find in your garden! I have planted a new garden at the front of our home and I am loving what pops up…plants I bought off the side of the road near Boorowa and I forgot what they were! I am not a very good gardener but I do love an interesting garden, bring on the cooler weather….more planting!”

Pick A Bunch 157x81Pick a Bunch

Oil & Pastel on Canvas — Unframed

157 x 46 cm     $1,100  $990




Flowers for Breakfast 61x46

Flowers for Breakfast

Oil & Pastel on Canvas — Unframed

61 x 46 cm       $570   $513




Checking out the next door neighbours herd 79x104

Checking out the Next Door Neighbour’s herd

“This depict exactly what the title states — peering over the fence to check out the herd! The intense look in the eyes focused and ready for action!”

Oil on Canvas — Framed

79 x 104 cm

$820   $738





Why! Hello there!

Oil and Pastel on Canvas

46×46 cm

$540   $486




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