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We can offer you each one of our art works for purchase outright, or you can choose to rent over purchase for a minimum of 1 month or for a duration of 3, 6 or 12 months. The rental price is calculated upon the sales price, and is listed with the sales price alongside the art work. Some paintings however depending on their availability and size and also price aren’t available for rent, and would therefore only be listed with their sales price. However having said that, we are always open for suggestions and are happy to enter any negotiations where we can accommodate. See our selection under Artists Profile.

In addition to offering Original Affordable Art Work for sale or rent we can also put together a selection of pieces of your choice for a short-term exhibition. Such could be for the purpose of the opening of a new business or a special event at your home or office you would like to enrichen with art work. Having some up beat, or colourful or just aesthetic art work on your walls can make all the difference to your ambience and hence can support what you have set out to achieve making it an event to be remembered. Applications are manifold and are only limited by your imaginations. We are happy to advise and assist you in your choices.

Do you own a cafe or restaurant? Or do you run a doctor’s office such as chiropractor or dentist, or do you run a hairdressing salon? Instead of bare walls or your run-of-the-mill look, why not be different, make the time spent in your place of work special. We can arrange a fresh set of art work by different artists every 6 weeks or for any other selected time period.

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